I would like tell a story about one of my amazing staff members. Lori, our receptionist, has taken on the care of Noble, our good Samaritan drop off that was hit by their car. He’s healing well but has a short story behind him as well.

The gentleman that brought him in was clearly upset. He had hit this pup and didn’t know who he belonged. Despite having been around to multiple houses in the area where the accident occurred, the man couldn’t find the owner. He wanted to help.

Noble was badly injured and in severe pain. Screaming and crying every time he was moved. The good Sam decided to pay for his treatment; however when Monday rolled around, the gentleman realized he couldn’t afford another pup and one with several fractures of the back leg and hips.

Our options? Call animal control (where more than likely because of budgetary considerations, he would be euthanized) or we euthanize him, or we take care of him.

As you know, dear clients, once you’ve spent time with these little creatures and they show you how sweet and innocent they are, we decided the only course we had was to treat him and find him a home. So, he underwent one surgery to fix his broken femur and has recovered nicely from that surgery, and is now scheduled to undergo at least one more surgery to remove a piece of his other femur that sits in his hip joint causing pain.

And all the while, Lori takes care of him. Nursing him carefully at home, and bringing him to the hospital for his rechecks and general visits. She does all this for him.

I could also mention that Debbie one of my RVT has two Chihuahuas found running in the street–one is pregnant and the other is very protective of her. Both are very sweet and will soon have need of a permanent home. More on this later!