My son recently had his birthday and we had also recently attended the Sacramento Reptile Show. He had voiced his interest in having a lizard for a pet. We talked about Bearded Dragons and looked into the care of these little creatures. One of my biggest concerns has been our cats—Jilly Boo, Skippy Jon and Jerry. They are hunters and I wanted to make sure that the lizard would be safe from their sharp claws.

We did our research and I had the pleasure of talking with the Serpentarium employees. As soon as I uttered thirteen year old boy and first lizard, they said, “Uromastyx!”

So I bought the book they had on these really neat and cute lizards. They are vegetarians. Which is great for me, I don’t think I can feed little baby rats to anything. Bugs are ok, but crickets can escape and get lost in the house. So a vegetarian lizard sounded good. They are hardy and more importantly, they have a great personality, similar to the Bearded Dragon. Defini

Then the folks at the Serpentarium let me hold him. (That, by the way, is how they get you to get hooked. Be wary.)

And so about a week later, after further investigation and discussion, Bart came home.