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The confusion of color: what’s contained within pet food labels

You’ve walked into a feed store or pet store and are staring at a rainbow of bags and cans of pet food. How on earth can you tell what’s a good food to give your pet? You might get some advise from a store clerk (does anyone refer to a store employee as clerk anymore?). […]

Bart the Lizard

My son recently had his birthday and we had also recently attended the Sacramento Reptile Show. He had voiced his interest in having a lizard for a pet. We talked about Bearded Dragons and looked into the care of these little creatures. One of my biggest concerns has been our cats—Jilly Boo, […]

Wellness Plans

I’ve been toying with this idea for a long time–wellness plans. The idea behind these plans is to make sure that owners can afford to do the recommended preventative care by spreading out the payments into monthly installments. Of course some incentive will be discounts on other services as well.

May roll them out […]